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The Color Red
Its funny how the color red
can mean two different things
it represents a loving passion
and an evil without strings
It shows the romance two can share
no matter who they are
a smile here, a smile there
and can even be shared from afar
But it can represent hatred to
an evil unlike anything
a reddish glow might surround you
and you'd never know a thing
Its truly strange how the color red
can show two different sides
and how one person can contain both
If you look into their eyes
:iconthewingedsylph:TheWingedSylph 2 10
Mature content
Kankri X Reader :iconthewingedsylph:TheWingedSylph 3 4
The Mediator by TheWingedSylph The Mediator :iconthewingedsylph:TheWingedSylph 1 1
Woot OC Meme!
-Choose 10 of your OC's
-Answer the questions
-Then tag 3 people
1.Breeze (MLP)
2. Breeze (My own character [A rabbit])
3. Analia (Homestuck [She's a troll])
4. Dovewing (Warrior Cats)
5. Doveberry (Pokesona)
6. Music Princess (Adventure Time)
7. Chimera ( Kitkatoleary and my character)
8. Kira (See above)
9. Flara (Another of my own characters [a dragon])
10. Lilly (See number 7 [she's a Tengu, or a bird-demon])
1.) 3, 7, 4, and 9 go ice skating. What happens?
Analia: Well, this is unusual... is this really what humans enjoy doing?
Flara: Apparently. I mean, I could melt this ice, and we could just go swimming...
Chimera: *Gliding along with a ton of grace* oh, c'mon guys, this is fun! *Falls, not so gracefully*
Others: *eruption of laughter*
2.) Its Christmas!!! 5 throws a christmas party and invites three people of choice. Who does he/she invite? What happens?
Doveberry: Hi guys! *flittering around*
Kira: Sooo.... what
:iconthewingedsylph:TheWingedSylph 0 0
Breeze the Rabbit by TheWingedSylph Breeze the Rabbit :iconthewingedsylph:TheWingedSylph 1 2 Sburbia Banner by TheWingedSylph Sburbia Banner :iconthewingedsylph:TheWingedSylph 0 0 KitkatOleary Pokesona by TheWingedSylph KitkatOleary Pokesona :iconthewingedsylph:TheWingedSylph 2 4 Original Eevee-Tronned by TheWingedSylph Original Eevee-Tronned :iconthewingedsylph:TheWingedSylph 0 0 Pokesona- Tronned by TheWingedSylph Pokesona- Tronned :iconthewingedsylph:TheWingedSylph 0 0 Raichu Tron by TheWingedSylph Raichu Tron :iconthewingedsylph:TheWingedSylph 1 0 Ledian Shiftry by TheWingedSylph Ledian Shiftry :iconthewingedsylph:TheWingedSylph 0 0 Ramprados Emboar by TheWingedSylph Ramprados Emboar :iconthewingedsylph:TheWingedSylph 1 0 Gothitelle Cobailion by TheWingedSylph Gothitelle Cobailion :iconthewingedsylph:TheWingedSylph 2 0 Exploud Bastidon by TheWingedSylph Exploud Bastidon :iconthewingedsylph:TheWingedSylph 0 0 My Pokesona by TheWingedSylph My Pokesona :iconthewingedsylph:TheWingedSylph 1 0 Tron Absol by TheWingedSylph Tron Absol :iconthewingedsylph:TheWingedSylph 1 0


Cronus Ampora (ArtTrade) by Timeless-Knight Cronus Ampora (ArtTrade) :icontimeless-knight:Timeless-Knight 232 16 fandomstuck 2 by cremena fandomstuck 2 :iconcremena:cremena 1,334 145 MLP:Speed Animation by Mixermike622 MLP:Speed Animation :iconmixermike622:Mixermike622 586 180
Story Time [Armin Arlelt x Reader]
You smirked as you lifted your flash light to your face, obviously hinting to everyone that your story was going to be what you called 'nightmare fuel'.
You could see as most of your friends begun huddling together, preparing for anything that may make them jump. You could see Mikasa move closer to Eren, Ymir move towards Christa, and Reiner and Bertholdt wiggled next to Annie.
The only person you noticed hadn't moved further from you was Armin. But, in truth, he looked a little to intrigued, much like he'd been through each of the stories each one of you told. By his lack of reaction, you assumed he wasn't familiar with the concept of horror.
"Looks like I found my victim... You thought, opening your mouth to begin your story.
"Alright, bitches and hoes, sit down while I tell you this story."
"Please don't..." You heard Christa murmur.
"A boy was digging at the edge of the garden when he saw a big toe. He tried to pick it up, but it was stuck to something. So he gave it a go
:iconcapricorn659:Capricorn659 258 102
My First Kiss [ArminxReader]
You sighed, kicking off your shoes as you entered your house. You ran a hand through your hair as you sat down on your couch. It was just not your day. Firstly, you and your unit returned from your mission as a complete failure, then the paperwork you had so send off got soaked thanks to that nice rainfall this morning that got through that damn window that never closed and let's not forget that random cat that jumped out of now where and attacked you. Hell, right now, you just wanted to sit down with a nice cup of cocoa and read a good book. But no, you had promised to go out tonight.
Leaning your head back, you glared at the ceiling above you at the thought of tonight. Really, you had no idea why they wanted you to go, or even the occasion. Who are They, you ask? Three names; Eren, Mikasa and last, but not least, Armin. You didn't hate them, obviously, but right now Eren was the last person you needed around you. He seemed a little too lively today, and that side of him most likely w
:iconcapricorn659:Capricorn659 217 160
Scalemate Tutorial Part 1a by LavastormSW Scalemate Tutorial Part 1a :iconlavastormsw:LavastormSW 663 96 Vodka Mutini sewing tutorial by lishlitz Vodka Mutini sewing tutorial :iconlishlitz:lishlitz 1,616 190 Pg27 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... by Hootsweets Pg27 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 3,938 281
Slender Man
Watch depthRADIUS

by IGzlz
The Slender Man
by Ekuneshiel
by astridmatsuoka
By techgnotic
In this season of deceits deceptions & witcheries
I am wary of my following message not being received with the full gravity it deserves. It is not my intention to unduly alarm the deviantART community, but... LaurenKitsune is at this time unaccounted for. All attempts on our part to contact her have failed. It is my hope that she has simply taken a much deserved unscheduled pre-Halloween “vacation” and will be back in online communication soon.
Before going dark, LaurenKitsune was good enough to write and transmit a report on the Slender Man phenomenon sweeping the Internet. That report is published here
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 8,444 4,514
Homestuck Blood Colors by VsKori28 Homestuck Blood Colors :iconvskori28:VsKori28 4 6 How to Write Gallifreyan by BlackHatGuy How to Write Gallifreyan :iconblackhatguy:BlackHatGuy 2,392 818 Night Vale 3 by SheepyDoodle Night Vale 3 :iconsheepydoodle:SheepyDoodle 794 21 Pg20 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... by Hootsweets Pg20 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 4,319 937
Omg.. i always wanted to use these things but never remember them. so heres a reminder for me and all those who abuse them. i shall abuse them now too :DDD
:icondesueyeplz:  :iconblooddeathplz:  :iconorlyowlplz:  :iconquiterlyowlplz:
:iconveryexcitedplz:  :icondesudesuplz:  :iconkawaiidesuplz:  :iconohyeahplz:  :icondatassplz:
:iconicameplz:  :iconimhappyplz:  :iconheeplz:  :iconragefaceplz:  :icontrollfaceplz: :iconhigh5plz:
:iconchallengeacceptedplz:  :iconimhorrifiedplz:  :iconasymmetricalplz:
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:icondurrhurrplz:  :iconomgsocuteplz:  :iconpetrifiedplz:  :iconduelgundam:
:icondirkajek144:Dirkajek144 255 85
Take Me to the Rainbow by sunshineikimaru Take Me to the Rainbow :iconsunshineikimaru:sunshineikimaru 1,494 368



Happy new year everyone! A little message from me: Remember to put the proper year on your school papers, and I love all of you!

A message from the ever-on-hiatus Kitkatoleary: it is NOT happy. It is just another thing to remember. MERH.

what a downer

sorry Kat, i love ya but you need more positiveness

anyway, thanks for a good year!


United States
Yeah, I'm not giving you guys my real name, sorry. Just call me Sylph~
Anyway, most of my work is under my scrapbook, so look there instead of my featured.


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